by Δανιήλ
Translated by Daniel

Dramatis Personae


BOROMIR stands at the foot of Amon Hen, gazing up a wooded path. THE ENEMY stands behind him, but BOROMIR does not turn when it speaks.

Here stands the son of Denethor, his eyes
Upon the path where walked the ringbearer!
If blood of Númenor runs still in veins,
Is it not in the veins of men of Gondor?
Why does he stand in idle wait,
For halflings to decide the fate of men
And not pursue that child of fate,
To take the Power, and Ithil again?

If Aragorn refuses to advise
and holds his counsel to himself,
Shall not the son of stewards take his stead
And speak of Gondor's dire need?
By valor mine the West is safe,
Am I not Bulwark of the lands beyond?
Against the day I guard and chafe,
When horns of Gondor sound and none respond.

BOROMIR departs along the path, THE ENEMY following.
Enter FRODO, on the cracked steps of Amon Hel

These ruins once were settlements,
Where men of ages past would dwell.
I walk among them now, in fear,
Of where my path will lead my friends.
I know that haste is needed, yet,
I cannot choose in haste indeed.
To go to Gondor now with Boromir,
And join with him in wars of men,
Or east to where the fear and shadow dwells,
Along the path that Gandalf set.
But hark! I hear now footsteps,
And feel upon me eyes that bear ill will.

Enter BOROMIR, smiling.

And yet, how wrong was I! Here comes
Brave Boromir, a friendly countenance.

I was afeared for you, young Frodo,
For Aragorn told us orcs are near,
And in such times, it does not do to wander,
For you, the least of all our company.
My heart is heavy, as is yours,
We bear a burden both as one.
And so I ask that you would stay and talk,
Now that I've found you here anon.
Where there are many, speech becomes
Debate unending, yet perhaps
With two alone, some wisdom can be found.

I do not think that any speech will help,
Though I do find your offer kind.
I know what I must do but am afraid,
To go and do what must be done.

Do you not suffer needlessly that pain?
I feel you wish for help and counsel
In your hard choice. Will you take mine?

I think I know what counsel you would give,
And but for warning of my heart,
I fear that it would seem like wisdom.

Enter THE ENEMY, unseen by FRODO or BOROMIR.

Will timid trembling in a halfling heart
Deny the hope of Gondor and its sons?

What warning's this, and what against?

Against the way that easy seems,
Refusal of this burden mine.
It must be said, against the trust,
In truth, of strength and truth of men.

A halfling doubts the strength of men!
A cruel jest born in ignorance!

That strength has long protected you
and Shire, though you knew it not.

Your people's valour I don't doubt,
But all around, the world doth change,
And Minas Tirith walls, though strong,
Can fail, proved not strong enough.
What end then will remain to us?

In valiant battle we shall fall.
But hope remains they'll fail not.

There is no hope while the Ring lasts.

Ah! The Ring! We suffer such fear,
Such doubt, and for so small a thing.

Is it not a protector's due,
To glimpse at what you've risked to guard?

I've seen it but at Elrond's Court.
Grant me again a sight of it?

(Aside) I sense a sudden dark in him.

No. Best, that hidden it remain!

Then hidden keep it, I care not.
Yet may I not e'en speak of it?
You seem to only see the strength
It offers to our enemy.

So clearly seen! Do you not think,
Each sees in it their own intent?

Minas Tirith will fail and fall,
You say, and we, if the Ring lasts.
Yes, were it with our enemy!
But why, were it with us instead?

Pray! Were you not at the council?
We cannot use it, for it turns,
To evil all that's done with it.

The halfling ably echoes words!
But for himself, what does he know?

So you go on! Gandalf , Elrond,
These folk have taught you so to say.
And for themselves they may be right!
Where elves and wizards come to grief,
For timid they may be, not wise,
I say to each a kind their own!
True-hearted men do not corrupt!
Through endless years of trial, we,
Men of Minas Tirith stand staunch.T
We seek not power of wizard-lords,
But only strength for our defense.
And now behold! For chance has brought
The Ring of Power! Tis a gift!
A gift I say, to Mordor's foes.
It would be madness not to use
The power of the enemy
against him! The fearless, ruthless,
These alone, will win our aims.
What could not warriors do this hour,
Great leaders! What Aragorn, or,
Boromir, if he refused,
Could do! The power of Command,
The Ring could give to me, and I,
would drive the Hordes of Mordor such,
That all men to my banner flock.

The ENEMY rests its hands on Boromir's shoulders as he begins to speak in verse.

With Rohan, we will join our might.
Our swords with spears will sing as one.
And forge through that damn'd Morgul Night,
Behind the strength of Gondor's son.
The Haradim with us will fight,
Their deals with Sauron undone,
To break and shatter Mordor's blight,
Until through men, the day is won!
And crown'd I'll be, and robed in white,
A king of kings, my will be done...

(Aside) Of walls he talks, and weapons too,
And of the mustering of men.
A victory assured he sees,
A crown he forges for his brow.

And all this they would throw away!
Destroy the ring, and victory!
If reason showed us any hope,
This could be done, it might be well,
But it does not! A halfling, lone,
Should walk to Mordor and by this,
To Sauron hand it, for himself,
To take? This thing is folly.

Surely you see it too, my friend?
If you feel fear, I pardon it,
As would the boldest you.
But this revolt, is of good sense.

I am afraid. Simply afraid.
But glad to hear you fully speak.
I know my mind is clearer now.

To Minas Tirith you will come?

I think you may misunderstand.

But you will come, at least a while?
To learn news of the Enemy.
My city is not far from here,
Mordor from there is closer still.
Long in the wilderness we've been
You will need rest if you must go.

BOROMIR reaches out to touch FRODO, THE ENEMY still behind him. FRODO flinches and steps away. BOROMIR is looming over him, dangerously.

Why so unfriendly are you now?
I neither thief nor tracker be.
I need your ring, that you now know.
But know I've no desire to keep it.
Lend me your Ring, that I may make
A trial of my plan, I ask.

No, no! Tis I alone that bears
The council's burden, laid on me.

Then by that folly we will fall!
Through it our Enemy's triumph!
It angers me, you obst'nate fool!
That you would run to willing death,
To ruin of our cause. Fool, fool!
If mortals have claim to the Ring,
It is the men of Númenor!
Tis by unhappy chance it's yours!
It should be mine! Give it to me!

FRODO steps away from BOROMIR, putting a flat stone between them, and says nothing. THE ENEMY is silent, its work done.

Why not be free of doubt and fear?
Come come my friend, be rid of it!
And you can lay the blame on me,
That I am strong, and took by force.
I am too strong for you, halfling!

BOROMIR pursues FRODO around the stone. FRODO puts on the ring and vanishes.

Miserable trickster! Now I see!
Your aim, to sell us all to Him!
You've only just waited your chance!
Curse you with darkness and with death!
Curse you and other halflings too!

THE ENEMY steps away now that FRODO has vanished, and BOROMIR trips, and falls. The stage is silent for a long moment.

Frodo! Frodo! What have I done!
A madness took me, now it's passed!
Come back! Come back! Come back! Come back!